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Company Overview
Element Interactive was founded with a vision to be at the forefront of Interactive DVD development. Element was formed by combining the talents of three businesses with backgrounds in graphic design, motion graphics and software development. These backgrounds cover the fundamental skills needed for the development of engaging interactive titles.

Interactive DVD
Interactive DVD provides a platform for the development of sophisticated games, educational titles, training products and much more, that all play on a standard DVD player using a standard remote control. One of the key developments in Interactive DVD has been the arrival of a new technology called DVD-Extra. DVD-Extra technology means titles that had previously been unfeasible to create, can now become a reality.

Jonathan Richards


Jonathan Richards, Co-Founder
Jonathan has overall responsibility for the creative side of Element Interactive. Jonathan's responsibility also covers developing new product opportunities, and developing client relationships. He comes with over ten years of experience running a new media company specialising in graphic and motion graphic design. Prior to this he was an aeronautical engineer working on the development of fast jets. His experienced creative vision, coupled with a logical engineering background plays a central role in the development of Element's titles. This background ensures that whilst Element's titles not only have a strong look and feel, they also function and play exceptionally well.

Married to Anne, and father of Emma and Samuel, he enjoys playing drums and percussion, watching Top Gear, walking and being 'Dad'.

John Connolly John Connolly, Co-Founder

John has overall responsibility for the technical side of Element Interactive. John's responsibility also covers the financial operations of the company. He comes with a background in consultancy and software development within UK and European software and finance companies. John's technical and mathematical background and his enthusiasm for business and finance ensure Element's creative and visionary developers operate within a stable financial environment and push the latest technical boundaries.

Outside of work, John enjoys playing and watching most types of competitive sport especially rugby and skiing.

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