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Two game packs

Video player biographies

Penalty Shoot Out Quiz

30min Top 40 Players movie

Single and Multi-Player options

Plays just like the original game!


  This interactive game includes two Top Trumps packs: World Football Stars featuring some of the iconic stars who appeared in the World Cup and Football Legends, looking back at heroes from years gone by. Also featured is a 30 minute movie of the top 40 world footballers.

Element designed and implemented the innovative code that makes this ground breaking game play smoothly and quickly.






Over 3000 Questions

Picture & Lyric Questions

Quick Fire and Head to Head games

Unique 'Gamble with Gary' lifeline

Play against the clock

UK & US versions

Highly addictive!



Beat the Intro is back. bigger and better then ever. With thousands of questions spanning six decades of some of the best selling music tracks, you are guaranteed never to play the same game twice. This new edition has two games, Quick Fire and Head to Head. In the Quick Fire game, your job is to identify as many song intros as possible. Each round consists of six intros. In the Head to Head game, you play in two teams. Get an intro correct and answer up to three trivia questions of increasing difficulty. There are audio, picture and lyric questions to answer. You can choose to play within a decade or randomly within all the available decades.

Element Interactive implemented the new logic for this third edition of the game, as well as creating all the graphical assets. A UK and US version was authored. The client was keen to produce a game that was highly addictive, progressive and responded quickly.






Over 1000 Questions

Over 130 Video Clips and Pictures

League, FA Cup, Champions League and International footage

Unique 'Gamble with Gary' lifeline

Single and Multi-Player options

Score and defend against your opponent



  Gary Lineker's Football Challenge can be played in Team Play or Single Player mode and features archive footage of famous football events, still images of players and football related material. Gary Lineker introduces and guides the players through the game, logically responding to choices and decisions made by the players and occasionally asking triva questions about himself. Additional features of the game offer the user the option to 'Gamble With Gary', where Gary will suggest his answer if the user is unsure. Lifelines, bonus round shooting opportunities, red cards, yellow cards as well as rich motion graphics and logical Gary responses have resulted in an extremely engaging title.

Element worked with DVD Pro, the producers of the title to design the game format and develop a game that, whilst first seen on DVD, had the look and feel of a broadcast quiz. Element developed the game logic, authored the DVD, developed the in-game graphics and game branding.






2 Unique Tests - 'The Great British Test' and 'The National IQ Test'

Over 1000 Questions

Video and Picture Questions

Hosted by Anne Robinson

Single and Multi-Player options

First ever DVD game to give you a genuine IQ score





  Test The Nation is a 2 disc interactive DVD title featuring Anne Robinson. Disc 1 contains the Great British Test which can be played individually or in teams. It features five randomly selected rounds of questions pooled from a possible 10 which all feature questions based on video footage or still images and test knowledge on all things British. Disc 2 contains an IQ test which enables users to test their IQ by answering 70 questions. This product was produced in a general release version and the a Marks and Spencers version of the packaging, which can be seen in the pack shot.

Working with DVD-Pro the producers of the title, Element developed the game logic, authored the DVD, and created the in-game graphics. Element also defined the framework for Anne Robinson's script and acted as consultants during the film shoot for the in game film. For the IQ test, Element developed a DVD based mechanism for calculating the users' IQ with Dr Colin Cooper, the consultant to the broadcast version, and developed an online version of the test to facilitate calibration of the IQ Test.






Single and Multi-Player options

Over 1000 Questions

Video Clips and Picture Highlights

10 Questions Categories

Joker Option

Hidden Answers in Multi-Player

Questions against the Clock


  The Great British Pub Quiz brings all the fun and excitement of a pub quiz to the home with video, picture and factual based questions. The Quiz can be played with 1 to 4 players, and features five random rounds of questions pooled from a bank of ten. In the multiplayer game there is an original way for teams to answer the same question, whilst hiding their answer from opposing teams. At the start of each round, players can opt to use their 'joker'. The joker can only be used once per game, and doubles the round points on that particular round.

Element worked with DVD Pro, the producers of the title to develop The Great British Pub Quiz and design the game format. Element developed the game logic and authored the DVD. Element also designed the look and feel of the game, the game branding and developed the in-game graphics.






Over 1000 Questions

Over 140 Video Clips and Pictures from EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Brookside and others.

Bonus Questions

Single and Multi-Player options

Questions against
the clock

Soap Trivia


  The TV Times Ultimate Soap Challenge can be played by 1 - 4 players and features video and picture questions based on British soap operas. Players can either play alone in a 'first to 21' game, with three lifelines or 'first to 21' in teams. At the start of the game, players pick their favourite soap, this defines what happens at the bonus round. When a player answers three questions in a row correctly, they have the opportunity to gamble on a bonus question. They can choose play safe, answering a question on their favourite soap for one point, or gamble on any soap for three points. To add to the interest of the game, occasional 'Soap Trivia' screens will be displayed after answering a question. This trivia contains additional information about the subject of the question.

Element worked with DVD Pro, the producers of the title to develop the TV Times Ultimate Soap Challenge and design the game format. Element developed the game logic and authored the DVD. Element also designed the look and feel of the game and the game branding and developed the in-game graphics.






Over 1000 Questions

Video Clip and Picture Questions

Unique interactive learning tool in 4 languages

Each question based on fan or player interview, live football action or famous player trivia

Includes 4 short films to introduce each language

Companion Soccerlingua book available


  The Soccerlingua DVD introduces foreign languages in an original and entertaining way. The DVD is ideal for use in schools as an addition to the standard syllabus (and it includes four languages on one disc). It is also designed to be appeal directly to young people who could watch and play the DVD at home. The DVD has two main sections:

The Soccerlingua Films
These are short films of 8-10 minutes about the football culture of each language. The aim of these films is to give a new perspective about languages, and to make a link between famous foreign players and the language(s) they speak. We want to show that languages are fun and real life. The films are cut in a creative style with music, fan interviews and songs. Each film also teaches some basic level language. The lively football context will give young fans the inspiration and confidence to start learning a foreign language.

The Soccerlingua Interactive Quiz
An interactive football quiz playable in four languages. The quiz is in the format of a football tournament. Players have to answer questions to score goals and win matches. The quiz can be played using the remote control of any DVD player. In playing the quiz young fans will be testing their language ability in a football context. All questions are based on listening to either a player or fan interview, watching a famous World Cup goal or an action photo of a star player. The interactivity and football theme will give motivation to aspiring learners.

Element authored both the film DVD and designed, developed and implemented the interactive DVD.









We have just completed the development of an Interactive Race Night DVD for John Smith's, the UKs biggest selling bitter.

The DVD, featuring Sir Peter O'Sullevan, is used by pubs and clubs to raise money for local charities.

Running on standard DVD players, the DVD provides a cost effective platform for exciting entertainment events. Working as a supplier to Steam UK, we created a package that allows John Smith's customers to run ten race nights, comprising of up to ten randomly selected races each. Linking high quality full motion video, graphics and sound effects to provide a complete and user friendly solution.



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